Beans And Soya Beans Grinder + Multifunction Vegetable Chopper

$ 9.00 $ 8.55

  • Very Affordable
  • It consists of a shaft and grinder
  • It has a rotatable handle that user rotates
  • Quality Product
  • Easy to use
  • Grinds smoothly


You want to grind beans no light??​​You want to make smoothie no light??​​You want to grind pepper no light??​​Your soya milk needs blending as well??​Worry less now and order for your manual multi purpose beans blender.​it grinds vegetables​​it grind beans smoothly​​it grind seed and nuts​​it serves​ as juice extractor​​it has a filter compact​
DIRECTION FOR USESoak the beans for 8 hours or more, you can put in the grinding mouth, clockwise hand grinding, add a small amount of water when grinding. when the grinding force is large enough, you can reverse suitably. 


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