Nano Coating Machine for Mobile Phones

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Multi Function Gorilla Smart Phone Screen Protector Machine

Gorilla Glass is manufactured through a process that chemically hardens the glass, making it more resistant to compressive force. As a result, it’s less likely to scratch or fracture in an impact than traditional glass while also maintaining the thin profile necessary to fit into modern mobile devices.The technology of the nano coating machine which offers a new scale of protection to the glass screens of any cell phone (smartphone), tablet, watch. Charge your smartphone while sanitization is with progress with USB.Voice function announce when sanitization has begun and when it is completed .Ultraviolet lights remove 99.9% of germs in 10 minute.

It is compatible with most smartphones.The new invention that ended the annoying replacement of screens in the world. 100% guaranteed products!Using  professional high quality curing lamp, good stability, high efficiency and fast curing of nano coating liquid which takes only 12 minutes to complete the curing. The multifunctional  nano  coating machine is to help accelerate the curing of coating solution. The use of specific wave lights of light and heating function is to be able to efficiently assist the general nano curing improve the surface smoothness and gloss of coated prosucts.


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